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Isolation of compounds from botanical extracts is the key process step to obtain more valuable and

profitable components from specific plant extracts, like full spectrum oil from the cannabis plant.

Combination of RotaChrom’s Centrifugal Partition Chromatography systems (CPCs) with Heidolph’s

customized rotary evaporators offers the possibility to redefine the post-extraction purification

process steps and open doors into a less competitive and often more lucrative market.





The yield and quality of purification performed on the extracts are important cost drivers. These two aspects play a major role in the market success for those companies operating in the botanical extraction business. Moreover, global standardi-zation and related strict regulatory requirements further increase the need for reproducible and reliable processes at the highest quality standards.



RotaChrom automatized the isolation process


The isolation process has typically been a manual process step for many years, often executed in a laboratory environment. Upscaling this process used to be a tremendous challenge and labor-intensive job for the companies involved, requiring high manpower, while many manual steps could not be eliminated, resulting in a low level of automation and weak reproducibility of the compound of interest.

RotaChrom has solved these problems by launching a unique large-scale liquid-liquid chromatography technology, which achieves the highest throughput on the CPC market. RotaChrom’s industrial CPC, named iCPC, can collect nine different fractions. The purity of the isolated compounds in question can exceed 99%. Concerning the processing of cannabis plant extracts, these fractions may contain a high purity of both major and minor cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC or THC.



Heidolph automatized the evaporation process


In parallel with achieving high throughput, Heidolph’s customized evaporation solution, developed specifically to support RotaChrom CPC technology, not only achieves unparalleled solvent recycling efficiency but also eliminates solvents from the final product. The recovered solvents can be then re-used due to the highly sensitive, environmentally friendly and accurate evaporation.

Heidolph rotary evaporators are designed and made in Germany for a highly accurate evaporation process that ensures that your products of interest achieve the highest purity possible, with solvent residuals below the limit of acceptance. The solvent recovered is clean enough to be re-used several times, eliminating stationary phase erosion, which is characteristic of legacy purification technologies, like flash LC, amongst others.

Heidolph as the leading company in automation of rotary evaporation offers a unique automatic distillation module, called Distimatic, which enables the separation of unlimited volume of purified material from solvents in a highly automated manner. The intelligent, fully automated filling and draining system keeps the process steady over 24 hours a day while the filling volume is kept at the most effective level. As a reference, the Distimatic module is able to evaporate up to 290 liters of ethanol a day.

All Heidolph products are traditionally made and certified for continuous operation, customers don’t have to be worried about downtimes, continuous maintenance or wearing part replacement. A life span of 10 years on average, and the achievement of highest quality results make this investment even more attractive in the mid and long turn perspective.



RotaChrom and Heidolph – Global Allied Processing Solutions


Heidolph and RotaChrom early realized the great potential of the combination of each other’s technologies and formed a joined development team to combine these two leading technologies into one perfectly balanced system. The optimization of the working principle does not only allow to operate the entire system efficiently, thanks to the solution meeting the highest requirements,  but the customized rotary evaporators can also handle complex solvent mixtures used by the CPC system without the risk of explosion.

These perfectly balanced and highly automated power packs achieve high throughput while at the same time providing highest quality results. Therefore, increased operational stability and the possibility to run a process overnight or even over the weekend, coupled with quick method changing flexibility and possibilities to upscale your production, improve your ability to quickly meet new market demands, increase return on investment and maximize profit.




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